CertLog FAQ

1. What is CertLog?

Certlog, as the name indicates, is an application that allows you to catalog and showcase your certificates, awards, and achievements including participation certificates.

2. Why certificates?

Certificates ensure competence and provide more relevance. Individuals (and businesses) with certificates have a credible advantage over those who don't. The more skills, expertiese and education you can demonstrate, the more chances of qualifying for opportunities that come your way in various forms. Certificates endorse your skills, knowledge and expertiese.

3. Why CertLog

Think about all the certificates that you have received so far and where they lie now? Probably safely stored in a box or file that you have not opened for a long period of time. What good is it in the box. Why not showcase it just like you would showcase a trophy. But then wouldn't it be bragging? The answer is no! Exposing and sharing you talent open many doors to grow further and reach a higher level of success. Showcasing your certificates online and searchable for others will help opportunities come to you instead of you looking for opportunities.

With CertLog your certificates travel with you all the time. Whether you are thousands of miles from home or don't have the time to look for those certificates that you boxes years ago, with CertLog you have instant access to your certificates and never worry about loosing the certificates.

CertLog also allows showcasing of group certificates by each and every member of the group. Many organizations issue a single certificate to the group for winning or participation. Now who gets to keep the certificate? Probably the coach or menter, or Most Valued Person (MVP). With CertLog, each individual of the group can have a copy of the certifcate profiled.

Does it not feel good when you get a certificate? So why stop there, showcase them online on CertLog and share with family and friends. As a job applicant you can also securely share certificates with hiring managers and have a better standing. A lot of positions today require certifications to be eligible. Showcase your certificates online and let these opportunites walk-up to you!

Showcasing your certificates is a stronger way of gaining recognition and endorses your talent, skills, knowledge and expertiese. It also helps buildup and show confidence. "A pictire is worth a thousand words!"

4. What kind of certificates can I put on CertLog?

Any! Paper is a standard form of certificate, they are usually fancy printed certificates. A letter of appreciation is also a certificate. A license to do a specific job is also a certificate. A pin, a badge, etc.. are all various forms of certificates. Scan your certificates or take a picture and showcase it on CertLog. You can put .gif and .jpg images of certificates on CertLog. We are adding support for more file formats. PDF is a widely requested one that will be available soon.

5. Can I upload certificates for my loved ones?

Yes, each account allows you to add certificates for family members and loved ones as well. You can file certificates for in a separate file so it does not mingle with your certificates. When your loved one is capable of managing his/her own account you can invite them to join CertLog and transfer the file.

6. How many certificates can I showcase? Can anyone see my certificates?

Each account allows you to publish your certificates to your own unique site or URL e.g. http://www.CertLog.com/profile/John.Smith. You can select which certificates you want to publish your public profile page. Your free account allows you to upload 20 certificates and publish 5 certificates to your online CertLog showcase. You have the option to upgrade your account if you want to upload more certificates or publish more certificates to your public page.

7. I have a picture of me receiving the certificate, can I put it on CertLog?

Yes, for each certificate in your account you can attach two additional pictures and also a link to a video that you may have on YouTube(TM).

8. I took a picture of the certificate to upload, can I edit the certificate image after I upload it?

CertLog allows you to crop and roate images online all your certificates. At anytime you can also restore the original image that you uploaded.

9. I want to share just one certificate online, can I?

In addition to your public profile page, each published certificate has its own individual page as well that has a unique URL or website address.

10. Can I record and showcase testimonials for my certificates?

Absolutely! With CertLog you can send invitations to your coach, mentor, issueing organization or any authorized representative to endorse your certificate and also provide a testimonial if they's like to. You can enable blogging for certificates that you publish. Viewers can click on Kudos icon to show a token of appreciation. You also earn rewards when you send invitations or get Kudos that can be redeemed for uploading more certificates or publish more certificate to the public profile.