Flash Player security for local content restricts network communication for certain kinds of content that is stored on your local computer, unless you give permission. This security measure protects you from potentially harmful content that could be used to send sensitive information stored on your computer or local network to locations on the Internet.

This security measure occasionally prevents Flash content that you currently use and know to be safe from working correctly. You can fix this content by designating the content as trusted. Content that Flash Player is instructed to trust may access your computer and communicate with the Internet.

When you see the Flash Player Security warning dialog box:

  1. Click Settings
  2. Click Advanced tab -> Click Trusted Location Settings button
  3. Click Add in the below popup
  4. Click on Add File and from local path choose the stealthray.swf file
  5. Click Confirm button.
  6. Close Trusted Location Settings Popup.
  7. Restart the browser and Open Player.html file again.