ValueDOT, LLC launches Certlog (alpha release)

ValueDOT, LLC (February 2013) a Arlington VA based company, launches an online service which will enable you to profile your certificates and awards. At you can design, generate and issue award/achievement certificates OR showcase your portfolio. CertLog - the one stop for all your award certificate need.

Vishal Khemka, Founder of ValueDOT visions the need of a service such as CertLog as our society becoming more digital/mobile day by day and printed material are steadily declining over the years. For example, one of the biggest greeting card companies, is experiencing a multi-year decline in printed card sales due to the increase in greetings being sent via email, Facebook and other social media platforms, according to a recent Wall Street Journal article.

The rise of electronic and online applications and services is dissipating the traditional printed content as consumers replace traditional holiday cards with, among other things, personalized notes that include photos uploaded to web services. This trend is predicted to continue for many years to come. To follow the same trend ValueDOT brings you CertLog - a one stop solution for all your award certificates and achievements. As a business consumer you may generate and issue award and recognition certificates, track acceptance and misuse and also reach out to a wider audience. As an individual you may upload any of your past certificates and showcase them online to share with friends and family near and far.

Certificates are the best evidences of your excellence in Education or Sports or any skill. is a web portal that helps you to design, generate and issue certificate online, and at the same time allowing to showcase your certificates or achievements online.

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CertLog Press Release: February 2013